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We get asked often why should one move their Enterprise Software or their Web Portal to a Cloud Service.
The reasons vary from one project to another.

We do feel that

The ROI of on-demand cloud computing
  • No upfront capital costs
  • Low ongoing subscription fees
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Reduced internal IT support/maintenance costs
  • Cloud computing is quickly provisioned and easily expanded; you can decide to work with a cloud provider in the morning and be up and running in a short while


For most Small and Medium Business moving their CRM and ERP applications to the cloud is proving critical for their Business. There is a broad adoption of cloud computing and open-source tools which are changing the dynamics of how business is done by SMBs. Today organizations are becoming leaner and faster improving efficiency and being more productive.

Moving your Enterprise applications on to the cloud is cost effective and also is free of Geographic limitations. You save in terms of Technology Infrastruture,Manpower and reduce the overall costs drastically.  The benefits also extend to the fact that instead of paying someone someone to support a packaged application internally with cloud computing  enterprises can take advantage of applications that they can tweak to address their specific requirements.


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