Content Writing

Content Writing

Getting found on the internet today  – be it through a search engine or a link that’s shared via Social Media  – requires having impressive and unique content.

Those days are long gone when websites could copy-paste content from their competitors and get a good ranking on Search Engines. Today SEO is evolving rapidly as Search Engines are constantly getting smarter and looking for the best content for their consumers.

Content writing for the internet is not limited to just a command over the language or to come up with creative ideas. One of the basic requirements expected of content writers is that they should be able to optimize their content for Search Engines and Social Media. The idea is to make your website/blog come alive with participation from people. To not just make a statement but also initiate a discussion.

Sounds tough ? It is. That’s why Hyreco’s team of creative content writers comes in. We analyze and understand what your visitors or audience expect from you. Then we deliver content beyond their expectations. Some thing which they will “Like”, “+1” and “Tweet” to their friends.

“Word of mouth” publicity today happens with the “click of a mouse”.

Our Content writing services can be classified into the following :

Website Content

On the internet original content is the most essential requirement to get a high ranking with most internet search engines. Our content services for websites lay primary emphasis on Original and creative content that users find impressive. Along with this we also keep SEO in mind when creating excellent content for websites.

Content for Blogs / Online Media / Magazines

Writing for a blog, a news or content portal, an online/print magazine is very different from creating quality conetn for websites. Here we study the existing content of the sites,expectations of the regualar readers and analyze the reader base while coming up with content that will hook your readers. We offer both a one time and long term content tieups. Click here to find out more.

Research based Content

We are very particular about taking up these assignments. We don’t take extensive research based content assignments beyond our areas of competence. If you are looking for research based content please let us know your exact needs.

To make sure that the word that your visitors spread is about your brand call Hyreco today.

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