Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance - Keep your website up an running in peak condition

So now you have got a functioning website but realize the requirement of a fully functioning team of professionals to take care of it. Websites don’t run by themselves it requires constant updating, backup,content etc to keep it working smoothly and be relevant to the users.

A lot of Website owners do not want to be involved in the technical side of running the website or find it ectionomical to hire a full fledged team. This responsibility is taken care of us by us. We ensure that your website is properly cared for and kept running like a clockwork.

We offer flexible packages for Website Maintenance.

Duration : Hourly, Monthly,Yearly

Virtual Team Support : For a pre defined duration. Starting from 3 month contracts

Content Writing Support : Website Content for Blogs,Corporate Intranet,Social Media etc
Contracts from 3 months onwards.

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